Keeping Track is an attention training programme that is designed to improve children’s attention through engaging in fun, interactive games at home with parents. We are recruiting a small number of children with ADHD (inattentive or combined presentation types) and their parents to take part in the Keeping Track Project. 

We are no longer recruiting participants for this study.

The evidence shows that children with ADHD struggle to concentrate, which makes it difficult for them to complete daily tasks in school. Training children’s attention – often referred to as the first step in the learning process – may help kids concentrate, ignore distractions, keep on task and start and finish tasks.



This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of “Keeping Track” an intervention to help improve children’s attention. Attention can be improved with practice of a task known to exercise related brain areas. Keeping Track requires children to exercise their attention while engaging in fun, interactive card games at home with a parent or guardian.


In order to be eligible to participate, your child must be diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive or combined presentation types) and be aged 8 to 12 years. Parents and children must have fluent English. Parents and children must have access to a computer/laptop with internet


Children and parents will be asked to play some card games at home in their own time, over a 4 week period. Parents will be provided with resources, including an instructional manual and supplementary videos, to explain how the games work. The games should be played for 30 minutes daily, 3 times a week for the 4 weeks. Weekly support via email will be provided to all participating parents.


To understand how the training impacts your child’s attention, children will be asked to complete a series of online activities before the intervention begins (1 activity per week for the 3 weeks prior to beginning the intervention), during the intervention (1 activity per week for the 4 week intervention period) and after the intervention (1 activity at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks post training). Each activity will take 15 minutes and should be completed under parent supervision. Parents will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires about their child’s behaviour at home before and after the training programme.



Would you and your child like to participate in the Keeping Track Project? Get in touch with us to register your interest or to ask any questions you have about the research. We’d love to hear from you!

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